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Gunma University
Heavy Ion Medical Center
Comprehensive cancer therapy offered by a university hospital, with the newest heavy ion beam irradiation system

Gunma University Heavy Ion Medical Center

Gunma University Heavy Ion Medical Center
3-39-22 Showa-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma, Japan 371-8511
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Features of the facility

  • ・This facility is equipped with the world's first heavy ion radiotherapy system for worldwide use, and has the newest, internationally prominent therapeutic environment.
  • ・Heavy ion radiotherapy was started in March 2010 for patients with prostate cancer. Since then, the number of indications has gradually increased. As of the end of April 2016, a total of 2,021 patients had been treated at this facility.
  • ・Gunma University Hospital focuses on cancer therapy. Among Japan's national university hospitals, it has the highest annual cancer patient admissions rate and implements the most cancer operations. Taking advantage of these characteristics of the university hospital, this facility concentrates on multidisciplinary therapy: heavy ion radiotherapy combined with surgery or chemotherapy.
Gunma University Heavy Ion Medical Center / Quantity of heavy ion radiotherapy for different diseases

Diseases targeted, and the estimated period of treatment

In April 2016, heavy ion radiotherapy was started on the basis of indications and integrated treatment policies that were created under the leadership of the Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology.
Based on the above policies, the Gunma University Heavy Ion Medical Center is now treating the following diseases.
Moreover, there are specific conditions for indications of the therapy. Depending on the subject's disease condition or for medical or technical reasons, heavy ion radiotherapy may not be indicated. For details, please visit the Gunma University Heavy Ion Medical Center's website.

Diseases for which heavy ion radiotherapy is favorable (Gunma University website)

Disease Estimate of the irradiation fractions Estimate of the treatment period
Prostate cancer 16 4 weeks
Lung cancer 4 1 week
Liver cancer 4 1 week
Head and neck tumors 16 4 weeks
Postoperative recurrence of rectal cancer within the pelvis 16 4 weeks
Bone and soft tissue tumors 16 4 weeks
Recurrence of lymph node cancer 12 3 weeks
Skull base tumor 16 4 weeks
Pancreas cancer 12 3 weeks

Cervical cancer
*With conventional radiotherapy (3 fractions/1.5 weeks)

16 4 weeks

To undergo a medical examination

Patients from overseas are requested to read Flow of the therapy and International medical support.