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Kanagawa Cancer Center Heavy Ion Radiotherapy Facility
The world's first heavy ion radiotherapy facility integrated with a cancer center hospital

Kanagawa Cancer Center Heavy Ion Radiotherapy Facility i-ROCK

Kanagawa Cancer Center Heavy Ion Radiotherapy Facility i-ROCK
2-3-2 Nakao, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 241-8515
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Features of the facility

  • i-ROCK is Japan’s latest heavy ion radiotherapy facility, which started treatment in December 2015. This is the fifth heavy ion radiotherapy facility in Japan.
  • This is the world's first heavy ion radiotherapy facility established in a cancer center. Multimodal therapy for cancer treatment is anticipated, integrating surgical operations, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and other methods. At the Kanagawa Cancer Center, a group of doctors specialized in various cancers and medical staff comprehensively work out treatment plans by considering the symptoms of individual patients and their Quality of Life (QOL).
  • i-ROCK conducts heavy ion radiotherapy using the high-speed 3D scanning irradiation method. The latest irradiation technology enables accurate irradiation suited to the shape of a cancer lesion to suppress damage to the normal tissue around the cancer lesion more than ever.
  • The robot treatment tables at i-ROCK enable automatic computer adjustments. In addition, CT scanners are installed in all the treatment rooms for accurate and smooth treatment.
  • The Radiotherapy Department has four Linac units, including the latest model, for high-precision radiotherapy (SRT, IMRT, etc.) also using X-rays. The department provides radiotherapies (X-ray therapy and heavy ion radiotherapy) suitable for each patient.
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  • i-ROCK is located in Yokohama City. It is easily accessible not only within Kanagawa Prefecture, but also from Tokyo Station and Haneda Airport.

Target diseases

Treatment applicable cancers/Treatment inapplicable cancers

For consultation

An introduction from a medical institution and a reservation are necessary for heavy ion radiotherapy at i-ROCK.

* In addition, patients from overseas are requested to read Flow of the therapy and International medical support.