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Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center (OSAKA HIMAK) Osaka's first urban-center type heavy particle cancer treatment facility with the world's smallest heavy ion therapy system

Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center

Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center
3-1-10 Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, 540-0008 Japan

Inquiries about the treatment and reservation

TEL: +81-6-6947-3210 (from Monday to Friday, except holiday) Inquiries

Features of the facility

  • Features of the facility

    Our center is the first heavy ion therapy facility in Osaka, and we conduct treatments with the latest scanning irradiation technologies in all the three treatment rooms.

    Features of the facility

    By adopting a real-time image gating irradiation system, even targets in motion due to patient respiration can be precisely treated with heavy ion beams.

  • Features of the facility

    We can provide comprehensive cancer care in cooperation with the adjacent Osaka International Cancer Institute.

    Features of the facility

    Our center is located in the center of Osaka with convenient access to good hotels, the international airport and transportation. This enables patients to continue with their work and personal lives.

  • Features of the facility

    Facility bird's eye view

  • Features of the facility

    Accelerator room ( synchrotron )

Basic conditions for heavy ion therapy

General conditions
Since heavy ion therapy is less demanding on the body, it is a suitable treatment even for the elderly and those with chronic illness. However, please understand that it is necessary to satisfy the following conditions before this treatment can be applied. It is not a treatment method applicable to all disease conditions.

  • ・ The cancer is localized, and its treatment range is limited.
  • ・ The targeted treatment site has never received radiation therapy in the past.
  • ・ The patient can remain lying down for about 30 minutes. (guideline)
  • ・ The Performance Status (PS) at the start of treatment is in the range of 0-2 (KI 60 or more).
  • ・ There are no active and refractory infections in the irradiation area.
  • ・ The patient should be informed of cancer and wish for heavy ion therapy by his/her own will.

Precautions / Notes
Heavy ion therapy is a treatment method expected to have high therapeutic performances with few side effects, but there is a possibility of recurrence as with other treatments.
In addition, not all cancers are treatable by heavy ion therapy.
Adaptation for heavy ion therapy requires comprehensive judgment by medical specialists.
Even if it is seemingly a treatable disease, as a result of examination after the initial visit, it may be judged that it is not applicable for heavy ion therapy.
Also, even if all the conditions are met, there are cases where heavy ion therapy cannot be performed due to technical reasons.

Target disease Standard of treatment period

*Please refer to 「Cancers suitable for heavy ion therapy」( HP of Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center) for target diseases of our facility.

For consultation

Please consult your doctor if you wish to receive heavy ion therapy treatment.

Patients need to prepare medical information such as
  • ・ a referral letter attention to Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center
  • ・ medical image data and various examination results

The "Patient referral documents" means referral letter, medical image data (CT/MRI/RI/PET-CT) in CD-R showing chronological change, blood test data showing the transitions of tumor marker and urea nitrogen and creatinine, pathological findings and its specimens, respiratory function test results, etc.

You must have a reservation, no walk-ins accepted. For more information, please visit Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center’s website and refer to "For patients from overseas". Or please make inquiries using "Contact us" form.