The Most Common Types of Melanoma

Every living human being has skin. In comparison to other organs in the body, the skin is the largest. But the skin is very sensitive. The sensitivity of the skin will vary from person to person. Blemishes are the names given to many skin conditions that most people have. It is possible that some of this skin blemishes are skin cancers. melanoma is a type of skin cancer that is very common. We are in the melanoma awareness month. It is therefore very important that we get to know all bout the different types of melanoma. This is a very common type of skin cancer but it can still become very dangerous if not treated. It happens when the melanocytes in your skin grow in an abnormal manner. Discussed in this article are the main types of melanoma.

The superficial spreading melanoma is what we shall begin discussing in this melanoma awareness month. the names of this melanoma are gotten from the manner in which it occurs and spread. This types of melanoma does not spread downward to the skin sub-layers. Instead it spread outwards on the skin. If you are either a male or female and you are middle-aged, you have a high chance of getting it. This melanoma will start as a black spot on your leg.

In the current melanoma awareness month we shall cover nodular melanoma. Unlike the one above, this type of melanoma spreads to the sub-layers of the skin very quickly. This particular melanoma will start as a node. The prevalence of this melanoma is very low as compared to the first kind we discussed above.

In the melanoma awareness month, we also have a look at lentigo maligna melanoma. People who enjoy sun-basking for long hours are vulnerable to this melanoma. It is the part of your body that usually get immediate solar radiation that gets this melanoma. You will a larger percentage of old people with this melanoma.

In this melanoma awareness month, we shall also have a look at acral lentiginous melanoma. The group of people that are more susceptible to this melanoma is the person who has skins with a darker complexion. It is not needed that you get exposed to the sun for a long time for you to get it. This melanoma will begin on the soles of your feet or the palms of your hands. This melanoma shall go and spread into the lower layers of the skin as well as outwards after beginning as a small spot.